Saturday, 7 February 2009


Okay, so not much to do with dog walking, other than these are the things I see while...

The snow we had this week is either a) the worst we've had for 18 years, or, b) the best we've had for 18 years depending on your point of view. So because it's been such a long time, there are loads of under 18 year olds who don't have sledges. They don't let that stop them though - it seems they will hurtle down a hill on anything!

As I am at the age where I am scared of teenagers (in another 20 years I'll get back to being annoyed by them, as I was up to about 5 years ago) I didn't walk in some of my usual places around Brentwood until they'd gone back to school (HA HA!). Here are the sledges they've left behind...

None of these items were in the fields the day before the snow.

Sorry about the awful layout - it looked better in preview!