Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Current Vacancies


I have no spaces for regular dog walks until July. I can still take dogs who only want the occasional walk, once a week on Thursday or Friday, and dogs who need walking for a week or so while their main owners are on holiday.

Thanks for all your help. Bubbles has really come on leaps and bounds in just the few weeks you've had her!
Rebecca H., Cockerpoo

I am fully booked for boarding for school holidays until October half term. Out of school holiday time, space is available from May. Early July is still available, but I have no spaces in August at all.

I would recommend Linda to anybody who is looking for a holiday for their hounds. Peanut and Ali have just spent a week in the very capable hands of Linda and I think they enjoyed the lovely peace and quiet of her house (compared to mine).
Mary K., Greyhounds


No puppy spaces for home visits until June.

Puppy socialising - space for one or two puppies up to 4 months old.

Thank you for all you have done. When I need to board him I will certainly be calling you.
Francis W., Jack Russell Terrier puppy


No more spaces for cat sitting at Easter, plenty of spaces the rest of the year!

Linda had very positive references and was very trustworthy whilst I was on holiday. My cat Min is very independent and it was important that she was able to stay in the environment she knows whilst having freedom outdoors when she wanted it. Linda was flexible to make this possible and on my return my cat was very healthy and happy.
Marianne F., Min

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bobby - Cute Puppy Alert!

Bobby is a gorgeous baby Maltese. He's so cute, he's better than ice-cream. Honest.

Aunty, you have a big doorstep for a tiny puppy.

Ohhh, how can I get back indoors?

Maybe there is a better way round here.

Made it!

Oh no, not another step! (But aren't I cute poised here!?)

And as if that wasn't enough of a cute overload - here's Bobby trying to entice both, or either of, my dogs to play.

Please excuse the state of the garden - it's been a long cold winter and now it's warm enough to get out there, it keeps raining!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Post-Op Activities

Daisy can't go out for walks at the moment, which is a shame as she enjoys them so much. As her health improves she is getting restless, so we've been doing some indoor activities. Today we not only had 'Find It' in the garden, we added 'Keep the Parcel all to Youself'.

What do you expect me to do with that?

What's that I can smell?

Daisy won't let this be the one that got away!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

You Don't Have to Be a Terrier...

To stick your head in an interesting hole...

It just helps!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Dog of the Month - February

It's that (slightly late) time again - here's Winston, our Dog of The Month for February!

Winston is a charming Black Lab who I walk two or three times a week. When I started walking him, he was so happy and excited about his walk he'd be off and running before I got out of the door, taking me with him. He lives opposite a park, so I believe a lot of his walks are on foot from the door. As I need two hands to lock up behind me before putting him in the van, he's had to practice standing patiently, without pulling on the lead, so my hands are free (Paws/Pause at the Doors).

Despite being as excited as usual, in February we cracked it! I came out of the door, and he calmly waited without me having to call him back to me. What a star! No formal training for it, but he learnt it anyway!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Too Cute For Words

Like most puppies Bobby barely sits still long enough for a nice photo, but I like to at least try!

He did a wicked Out of Sight Recall shortly before this photo. Only 7 weeks old! Too cute for words...

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Walkies Award

This is a little rosette I give to the dogs after completely one year's 'service' with me. I think it's something to celebrate, our first anniversaries together!

So far we have five Walkies Award winners (plus one honourary) but I seem to have mislaid one of the 'presentation' photographs.

We have more award winners coming in the next few months, in the meantime, here's our current group of 'sophomores'.

Inky is looking a little bit sad as I can't find his photo with rosette.



Henry (honourary)


Scarlet (feeling peckish)