Friday, 12 March 2010

Dog of the Month - February

It's that (slightly late) time again - here's Winston, our Dog of The Month for February!

Winston is a charming Black Lab who I walk two or three times a week. When I started walking him, he was so happy and excited about his walk he'd be off and running before I got out of the door, taking me with him. He lives opposite a park, so I believe a lot of his walks are on foot from the door. As I need two hands to lock up behind me before putting him in the van, he's had to practice standing patiently, without pulling on the lead, so my hands are free (Paws/Pause at the Doors).

Despite being as excited as usual, in February we cracked it! I came out of the door, and he calmly waited without me having to call him back to me. What a star! No formal training for it, but he learnt it anyway!