Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sunshine means Swimming - Doesn't it?

Normally I can't keep Winston out of water - or perhaps more accurately - watery mud pits. So imagine my surprise when I threw a toy into this small 'dog pond' and this happened...

He did paddle the water a bit, but just refused to dive in. So, defying everything everyone says about dogs not being able to reason, he wanders round a bit, and finds a stepping stone.

Where he starts paddling again...

Loses his balance...

And falls in...

Proving he can swim after all, and finally wins the prize and retrieves his toy!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I Could be in Trouble

If I don't find Max's legs before he goes home tomorrow I think I will be in Big Trouble with his mum.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dog of the Month - March

Dilly is our Dog of the Month for March! She had learned to play keep away with amazing staying power. She'd recall lovely, but then would dance away so she couldn't be caught and go off and do her own thing again. I had to go back to walking her on a lead while we slowly went back over the basics.

I noticed some real improvements this month, her owners have been working hard, and I've been putting in some time on our walks where I can.

She's done so well she's back off lead again! She's not quite 100%, especially when I'm walking another one of my playful dogs, but the keep away has almost vanished, I've only seen it once this month, and I solved that by walking away and recalling her into a sit. Wonderful girl!