Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Introducing Inky!

Here's Inky, a rare moment captured when his nose was not snuffling through the undergrowth. It took me about 10 goes to get this picture, as I walk Inky at the end of the day (Mum is home but needs a hand to walk him for a while) and the light is going, so the camera takes so long to take the photo after I have clicked the button he's normally gone back to sniffing!

I've walked him with Fred and Beauty so far, as he likes the company. Walking two hounds at dusk might not sound a good idea, but the evenings are getting lighter, and Inky stays on the lead. Beauty I have let off, mainly because when I have a dog on a long line she often gets caught up and hurt, and the evenings are getting lighter all the time.

I've always liked Beagles - one of the best parts of my job is that I get to spend time with a lot of breeds I really like. The absolute best bit is each individual dog, and getting to know their character. And a side-benefit, there are lots of lovely men walking their dogs at that time of day (daytimes seem to be women/families/old men). An improvement to the view!