Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cat on a Mildly Warmed Up Slate Roof

I must stress this is not a cat I am looking after! This is a neighbourhood cat in my lovely town of Brentwood - where the biggest risk of injury (to humans or pets) comes from traffic. I watched it jump from the balcony to the gutter, walk up the front of the roof and now you see it disappearing over the other side.

As a cat sitter I do my best to encourage cat owners to keep their cats in while they are away. I don't like turning up at an empty house, putting food down, then leaving without making sure the cat I am supposed to be looking after is safe and sound. Some owners are insistent their cats stay out, normally due to the 'yuk' factor of the 'disgusting' litter tray.

I appreciate poo isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's me who has to deal with it, not the owner, and I can clear it away and air the house before you get home, so please, if you use a cat sitter, consider keeping your cat home safe. If you get a reputable sitter they will not just turn up, feed, watch TV and leave, they will give your cat a proper work out!