Friday, 27 February 2009

Home Dog Boarding in Brentwood

I have finally been told by Brentwood council that I am licensed for dog boarding! This is great news, as it means I am the only fully insured and licensed domestic dog boarder in the Brentwood borough (beware of illegal imitations)! I am still waiting for my nice, shiny laminated licence to come through the post, but I have been assured it is backdated to the day I applied so I am now open for bookings.

My (basic) charges are set at £25 per DAY (nights are free, half days £10). This should not be compared to the price of a kennel stay, because your dog will be in my home, mixing with my dogs (reminder – I have a terrier and a Greyhound who are very well socialised and used to sharing their home with many different foster dogs, as well as my extended family dogs), getting in the way of the telly as they probably do at home, snuggling up with me, and generally be getting all the love and attention I can give them. They won't be in a concrete, or 'luxury' tiled kennel surrounded by cages and other dogs and deprived of human company for most of their stay. I have a 60' secure garden (which I am not proud of, so no worries about the dogs enjoying themselves!), and three different parks/woodland areas within easy walking distance, plus my usual walking areas to enjoy. I have a soft spot for beaches too.

Obviously I am still dog walking, so this might not be suitable for every dog - as a popular dog walker I can be out for most of the day - I come home for lunch once (and usually twice) a day, so the dogs are not left alone for longer than four hours, and usually it's under three hours.

I can only take in one family's dogs at a time, and am limited to four small dogs, or two larger dogs, so if you are interested please get in touch sooner rather than later.