Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Search for the Perfect Van Continues

I still don't want to give up my hijet, because I think that with careful crate/divider design I can get all the dogs I need to in it in comfort, but there is the sticking point that then I won't be get to the engine due to the seats needing to be tipped back.

I've been nosing in van windows to see what crates they've squeezed in, and did have a nice chat with another dog walker, who let me see around her smallish van and its custom built crate. It looked fine to me, but she is thinking of getting a bigger van anyway, so I'll take note of that lesson!

I am considering something the size of a Peugeot Expert/Fiat Skudo/Citreon Dispatch, but I'm not in a hurry and hope to spend some of my next week off at van sales and auctions. I would prefer something Japanese, but haven't been able to identify a similar size van. Much better than European rubbish!

I will miss the 'park anywhere' aspect of my baby. :(