Sunday, 22 March 2009

Home Dog Boarding in Brentwood - Nutmeg

Nutmeg came to board this weekend, my first boarder, as well as being the first dog I walked when I started.

Here are some highlights of the weekend (click on images for a larger version), the weather was so lovely we went to the beach.

Kicking back her heels at Southend-on-Sea

Mingling well...

I did have two tennis balls, but they both wanted the same one (of course!)

This is what happens if you follow a terrier chasing a ball. You get wet. Look at the colour of that sky! How clear the water is (especially for Sawfend)! A really lovely day out. But I digress...

Nutmeg's fabulous impression of a seal.

Practising staying calm and NOT barking just because someone is not within touching distance.

Giving Teddy the Kiss of Life. Or possibly eating his head.

Please Aunty Linda, I'm asking nicely, just give the camera a rest. I really need some sleep!

Completely zonked out. Despite being inches from my smelly feet and a very noisy Xbox... (Oops, I uploaded that one the wrong way round. Tilt your head!)

I would recommend Linda to anyone needing help with their pet. She is completely reliable, flexible and seems to really enjoy what she does. Nutmeg can be a little terror sometimes but I feel that between us and Linda we're getting her under control!
Katherine B, Weimaraner