Sunday, 8 March 2009

Not Really Business but Definitely Work Related

Since I was 'Trinnied' I've wept at some of the things in my wardrobe, so, clutching some of my dog walker earnings in hand, last month I took the plunge and went into Basildon (Brentwood shops are rubbish!) and raided the shops for some new clothes, especially trousers, that are in my own size and not baggy, as that's what Trinny was mainly complaining about.

I came home with a nice little haul, tried everything on, it all fit wonderfully, I was happy. I wore one pair of jeans on and off (mostly off as I didn't want to get them muddy), then yesterday I put on a different pair. Hmm. A bit loose. I must have tried them on after a MacDonald's or something (Jacob has to eat junk food at least once a week, the dietician said so!), but okay, I'll stick with it.

This morning they seem even looser, and it is defeating the object of buying new clothes, so I tried on the third pair of jeans I bought, and they are too big too!

Admittedly it's a weekend when Jacob is with his dad, so I don't really eat such big meals as I don't cook and haven't been to Freezer in Farm (my equivalent of Meals on Wheels) for a decent meal. So I got the tape measure out. I seem to have mislaid a couple of inches all over. And not just on my waist, so it can't be put down to a simple empty belly. I only bought these clothes two weeks and two days ago, and I thought I'd measured myself before I went to make sure I got the right size!

I'm going to eat some more pies. Can't waste the money... Professional Dog Walking - the new jogging/yoga/whatever weird thing Madonna does.