Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gruesome Remains

With the rain the fields are quite marshy again, so I've been covered in mud for the last few days. I really must get in the habit of wearing my waterproofs even when it's not raining to cut down on laundry!

Nutmeg was so magnificently bouncy today she managed to cover my face in mud. Oh well. Don't people pay a fortune for a mudpack in these posh spas? I'll have a face like a baby's bottom if I can get her to do it every day.

She managed to find something lovely for me today.

Can't see what it is? Take a closer look...

Yes, that's right. I think once that might have been a fox. Amazingly, her recall is so good I managed to get her away from it with the first shoulder drop. Then I ruined it by taking a photo and she tried to bring it home to show Mum. I didn't think Mum would be impressed so I made her leave it alone. Which she also did the first time I told her!

My son thinks I should have brought the skull home for a trophy. 14 year old boys - what can you do with them!?