Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Really Useful Dog

I am a strong believer in dogs being useful to their owners. There are lots of working dogs, police and military dogs, customs dogs, assistance dogs, but what about us pet owners? Why should our dogs be allowed to sit back and relax while we do all the work?

So I was really happy to read about Lucky the Litter Picking dog. When on walks with his owner, he collects litter that his owner points out, and takes it to the nearest bin, alerting his owner to dangerous items such as broken glass.

What a great dog! What a fabulous job! What a wonderful owner! Not only having something to occupy himself which keeps him out of trouble but making a difference in his community.

Fred does drag rubbish out of water, which I then bag up and put in a bin (he's only little he can't reach to put it in) but I've not trained him (or either of the other two dogs) to collect other rubbish and carry it to a bin. Barney the Lab has also helped out with the odd plastic bottle from time to time!

That's what dog ownership should be about. Really useful dogs being useful in the community.