Friday, 2 July 2010

Current Vacancies

From early July a new walker, Sue, will be joining the team to help me cover the amount of work I have been offered.


This means that we now have TWO permanent adult dog walking spaces for lunchtime, with more options for people needing short term or 30 minute walks.

We specialise in carefully chosen, exclusive group walks around Brentwood's country parks and open spaces. Walks are limited to a small number of dogs to ensure we can give personal attention to each dog. In return the dogs give us a lot of attention – they learn very quickly it's more rewarding to share their fun with their human companions, rather than following behind doing their own thing.


We also have space for TWO puppies, full or part time, from 6-26 weeks old. All puppy care is covered by me. This includes puppy visits, puppy training, puppy boarding and puppy socialisation.


For cat sitting, please enquire. We can manage a maximum of 5 visits a day between us, so space may or may not be available depending on whether you need one or two visits per day. Currently we still have space every day for at least two more visits. I will try to update this page as and when bookings come in.