Sunday, 25 July 2010

Baxter - Home Dog Boarding Brentwood

Baxter is a lovely Beagle who stayed a couple of nights this weekend - we hope to see more of him in the future!

Here he is, enjoying the activities in the garden, with the help and hinderance of the other dogs!

Fred wants that treat so much he's got his nose right on my hand. Baxter is licking his lips and keen to learn, if the other dogs would move over.

Nearly up, Fred's still got his eye on the prize.

And down the other side - with Fred still wondering where his bit is.

Fred has now decided to shout about how he's so hard done by, not getting a reward, even though he's very clearly very good at going up and down the ramps, making poor Baxter flinch as it's right next to his ear.

Fred still hasn't given in, but Baxter's used to all the shouting by now and is posing nicely.

Alone at last!

Only to have a little nudge up the rear when trying the big ramps, so we kind of gave up. Hopefully we'll have a chance to have another go one day!