Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Current Vacancies

Dog Walking

[SPACE FILLED] From September we have one full time lunchtime dog walking space for an adult dog. We may be able to take your dog on earlier if required. Dogs are walked in small groups of three or four.

We also have space on our breakfast walks - an ideal time for busy parents to get the kids ready for school or nursery while we tire your dog out. Collection is between 7.30 and 8.30.

Thanks for all your help. Bubbles has really come on leaps and bounds in just the few weeks you've had her!
Rebecca H., Cockerpoo

August Bank Holiday Weekend Home Dog Boarding Space

Dogs are boarded in my home, where you know he or she will have company, love, plenty of walks and lots of activities. When you collect your dog they will be tired, happy, and often better behaved for you!

Thank you so much for having Willow. We took her for a long walk and couldn't believe how much better she is. Jacqueline P., Golden Retriever

Cat Sitting

One or two visits per day, to feed, clear litter trays, let your cats in or out, cuddes, love, anything you require.

Once again thanks for caring for him. It is a relief that I can go away and leave him at home knowing he is going to be well looked after.
Rachel T., Misty

Spaces are available over the Bank Holiday weekend and into September.


My puppy services are very popular, so if you are waiting for a puppy to be old enough to bring home, or looking for a puppy, please do get in touch as early as you can.

All puppy care is covered by Linda.

Puppies are accepted between 8 weeks and 6 months old. They get one or two half hour visits per day when they get my undivided attention. Once they are fully vaccinated I take them out for short walks, feed where necessary, clear up any mess, and play educational games designed to give your puppy the skills needed for life with people. Puppy walks are for roughly five minutes per month of life, so start at five minutes per visit, working up to the full half hour just before puppy moves to my lunchtime group walks.

If you are at home but are interested in the educational games I can still visit, or teach you the games to play.

Spaces are linited so are taken very quickly - typically within two weeks of becoming available. I only have one space on average every three to four months, so if you are waiting for your puppy to be old enough to bring home and want me to visit, a non-refundable first week's deposit will hold the space for up to one month.

Puppy Training and Skills for Life spaces also available.

Thank you for all you have done. When I need to board him I will certainly be calling you.
Francis W., Jack Russell Terrier