Sunday, 17 January 2010

Training and Behaviour News

I passed Introduction Instructors Course with Mic Martin today. Got a lovely certificate too, which I wasn't expecting!

I will be assisting at Mic's Dog Training School from 31st January as part of my ongoing training. Closer to home, I did my first behavioural/training consultation this month too, which went well. Within the next few weeks or so I hope the clients will let me know how things are going and what the improvements are. Next month I hope to do the first of my 'recall training walks' where I take the client and their dog on a walk around the local country park (permission granted by the Rangers) to teach them how to get a good recall. Minor issues only to start with!

Also in the pipeline for me is some sort of 'responsible dog owners' event at Thorndon Country Park, with the Rangers, details still being worked out, but will at least be ready to publicise from February.