Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Current Vacancies

Due to the news that two of the dogs I walk are moving out of the area, I will have spaces for new dogs from 15th February.

One space is on my 8am walk, which I know seems early, but if you have a new baby, or are at home during the day for other reasons, it's a nice time of day for me to call. Once I've been and gone (usually by 9.30) the day is yours and you don't have to wait in for me, or rush home for me to collect the dog. It also means your dog has burnt off all his energy nice and early, leading to a calmer, better behaved dog during the day.[This space has now been filled]

The other space is lunchtime, so ideal for commuters.

Dogs are walked in small groups, normally not more than four dogs, which is why spaces are so limited.

Alternatively, if you have a puppy, or are waiting for a puppy to be old enough to bring home, call me as I can hold the space for you, for one month, with the first week's fee as a deposit.

I wish my outgoing dogs all the best in their new homes!