Sunday, 10 January 2010

Puppy Package & Adult Spaces


My puppies have grown up! They have graduated to my adult dog walks this month, so I now have space for a full time puppy, or just part time if you don't need every day.

Puppies are accepted between 8 weeks and 6 months old. They get one or two half hour visits per day when they get my undivided attention. Once they are fully vaccinated I take them out for short walks, feed where necessary, clear up any mess, and play educational games designed to give your puppy the skills needed for life with people. Puppy walks are for roughly five minutes per month of life, so start at five minutes per visit, working up to the full half hour just before puppy moves to my lunchtime group walks.

If you are at home but are interested in the educational games I can still visit, or teach you the games to play.

Spaces are linited so are taken very quickly - typically within two weeks of becoming available. I only have one space on average every three to four months, so if you are waiting for your puppy to be old enough to bring home and want me to visit, a non-refundable first week's deposit will hold the space for up to one month.

Thanks again for giving Pongo such a great start in life.
Tina F., crossbreed

Dog Walking

An experienced dog walker, I walk dogs around Brentwood in small groups of three or four. Your dog is important to me, and walks of this size allow each dog to benefit from being with their own species while still having time for personal attention from me.

I have one full time space available (Mondays & Wednesdays may be a 'split shift' walk of two half hour sessions), with extra spaces available on Thursdays and Fridays.

Thanks for your help so far. I feel really happy knowing someone is calling in to see her in the day.
Nikki D., Labradoodle

Bingley has a walker who looks after him so well, that's the most important thing!
Natalie O., Whippet

Home Dog Boarding

I am already taking bookings for school holiday times, so if you would like your dog taken care of in a home boarding environment, please contact me sooner rather than later.

I am limited in the number of dogs I can board and I will not overload my house, which makes early booking essential. Dogs need individual attention when at home as well as when out on walks, so I will only take in the amount I can sensibly cope with. Dogs are not kept in conservatories, outhouses, summer houses, sheds, kennels or kitchens. They live in the house as part of the family and are expected to get on with their chores and behave the same way my dogs do!

Very reliable & trustworthy, Nelson loves Linda and I wouldn't send him anywhere else!
Hazel S., Fox Terrier

I would recommend Linda to anybody who is looking for a holiday for their hounds. Peanut and Ali have just spent a week in the very capable hands of Linda and I think they enjoyed the lovely peace and quiet of her house (compared to mine).
Mary K., Greyhounds

If your dog has some habits you would rather they didn't have, that can be safely dealt with in a home environment, please ask me about my residential training programmes.