Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wet Weather Walking

Nothing gets in the way of a Good Walk. Even the torrential rain we had on Tuesday of this week.

I got to try out my new winter wet weather gear (Australian Bush Hat and Millet's waterproof trousers), and enjoy a virtually empty country park!

The rain came down so hard there were puddles everywhere as the ground couldn't soak it up fast enough. I couldn't take many photos as the camera was getting too wet! Scarlet got out of the van, then jumped straight back in. Every time I let another dog out she tried to get back in! Poor girl!

Dilly, being a Labradoodle and very furry got completely drenched, and I expect she's still drying out now.

I do give the dogs a rub down when they get in the van, then again when they get back out at home, but I think they all go home a little damp in that kind of weather. I will be asking the owners to leave towels out at home, so the dogs can have a last rub down with a dry towel before I leave them!