Saturday, 26 September 2009

Time for Elevenses

The dogs often stop for a drink here. Although it's September, it's been lovely and sunny this week, hot in the sun.

Conrad and Scarlet are first to the water - Conrad is usually in the lead (unless Barney is with us), so he drinks first. Scarlet, being a lady, doesn't seem to have any idea there is a pecking order she should be following. Winston and Bingley hang around the edges, waiting for their turn.

Next, it's Winston's turn. You may be able to spot from the ripples that he's not so much drinking as nose-butting the water. He likes to smear it around with his nose.

And finally, Bingley. He very rarely has a drink on a walk, but he wants to take his turn anyway, so pokes his nose over for a good look.