Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wonderful Weather for Walking

It was a really lovely day outside today - I was happy to be out there! Nice sunny weather, no rain (or hail!) and no wind. Yes, that was me wearing factor 30 sunscreen. I don't care what month it is, I don't want sunburn!

I took my dogs with me for other reasons, but obviously once spring arrives it will be out of the question in my current van - it got up to 20°C in the van. They were inside most of the time, just out walking with me for about 90 minutes through the day - by the end of the day Beauty didn't want to get out, and Fred didn't want to get back in! I made sure they weren't in for more than two hours at a stretch, as that's normally my limit when travelling so they are used to it - although that was in a motorhome when they had full access - now they're in crates. They were sleeping every time I peeked though!

I am hoping to get a bigger van, with better crates and air-conditioning. I was hoping for April, but I definitely won't have saved enough by then. Perhaps a loan...

After such a lovely day it's got so cold Beauty won't go out and Fred has been banned as it's too cold to open and shut the door! We've decided to put off going shopping!