Saturday, 24 January 2009


Well, I'm now a supplier (? - I've never done this before) of Pooch and Mutt's supplements for dogs. I've been a subscriber to their blog for a while, then at Discover Dogs I discovered them 'in the flesh' and put my dogs on their Mobile Bones supplement. Unfortunately I'd just loaded up with Feelwell's probiotics so I couldn't try P&M's.

My dogs have finished their first bag and I ordered again, so I also got hold of some smaller bags to offer to my customers, and if I have any trade stands over the next year. I'm a bit nervous as offering a service doesn't cost much, so paying for something in the hope I can sell it on is a big step for me. Doesn't sound much, but all I hear on the news is people losing their houses, their jobs, etc and it's not a good time to be starting a business! But we'll try, I do have a small captive audience, and the information will go out in my next newsletter so maybe we will get some customers!

Also I've had to set up a waiting list for dogs needing walks. Either I am too busy on some of the days they want, or I don't have another dog to 'match' theirs with. I must get my application for boarding off as well!