Saturday, 3 January 2009


On Tuesday I have a meeting (interview?) with someone interested in doing some dog walking term time only. This is ideal for one of my dogs, who has a student 'brother', so he doesn't need walking during university holidays. I can't hold a space for a dog for that long, even with my 10% charge, and yet I don't want to let a customer down. This is the perfect solution.

So, I will be contacting my business advisors with how to go about taking on a sub-contractor, and it means I can keep advertising for more dogs.

I just hope I am not rushing things, with a nasty fall ahead.


Two problems...
1. Apparently if I give work to someone and give them hours to work, and the clients belong to my company, that person is an employee. And I can't afford an employee at the moment.
2. The person in question wanted to work cash in hand anyway.

So my empire will have to stay just me for a bit longer.