Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year!

I'd like to thank all my clients and their dogs, my friends who've kept me sane, my assistants Will and Caitlin, and my family who help me out when I really need it for all the help and support I've had in 2010.

Review of the Year

It was a wonderful year after a bit of a ropey start with first my van being written off in February
then the washing machine broke down after the thaw when mud was everywhere!

But I've met so many lovely people, wonderful dogs, and really, really love my job!

We've had 12 months of Dog of the Month

December is still under wraps as my last few walks were cancelled so although the rosette has been presented, the photo op hasn't happened yet. You'll have to wait. ;)

When I started Dog of the Month I only had around 10 regulars, but by the end of the year I have around 18 dogs I see at least once a week. So for the dogs who didn't win their rosette this year, there's always 2011!

I also gave out my very own Walkies Award, for those long-suffering dogs who have managed to survive a year of Walkies with me. There are plans for more awards for the coming year, including for cats this time, as I'm very proud of the dogs I walk and the cats I care for and think the world should know about them!

For me, I've attended courses on Grooming Difficult Dogs as that gave me a good grounding in handling dogs that don't want to be handled, as well as learning to read their body language, Dog Law so I know where we stand and although I can't advise I can at least point people in the right direction if needed, Ultimate Recall so I don't lose any dogs and can help those having trouble, Breeds Needs to give me more of an insight into the different breeds and their needs, and passed a training course with Mic Martin from Dog Borstal. One of only two out of the original 20 who attended the first assessment day.

I am still learning, and this year have planned my trip to India, a Crime Scene Investigates fun mini-break with one of my dogs, as well as a tracking, search and rescue break with possibly the same dog, but maybe a different one, to give me more ideas of fun and activities I can do with your dogs while they stay with me for their holidays.

I look forward to another busy year, filled with dogs and cats who all win my heart, and wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year.