Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Puppies, puppies, puppies

From 20th July I have a weekly space opening up for ONE puppy under 6 months old, in the Brentwood, Shenfield or Hutton area. My last remaining youngster will be enjoying her family's company through the school summer holiday, and when she comes back in September she will be old enough to muck in with the teenagers.

I may be able to squeeze in a part-timer as well, depending on which days are needed.

Puppies benefit from two or more 30 minute visits a day. This makes sure they aren't over-tired by my visits, nor are they left for long periods. Prior to vaccination we play educational games in the house or garden, I feed and water them, clear up any mess and make sure they are happy. Once vaccinated we take short walks, play more games and generally have enough fun so pup is happy to sleep once I have gone.

This is a very popular service, so if you are waiting for a puppy to be old enough to bring home, or looking for a puppy now, please do get in touch as early as you can. Most pups graduate to my dog walking service at around six months. I will also take puppies in for boarding, depending on their age. If you have a holiday booked for this year, consider collecting your puppy when you come home.

Some of the pups I've looked after:

Preparing your puppy with skills for life. We can work on any training you are doing, as well as teaching some basic manners and the basis for a solid, lifelong recall.

We visit a minimum of two half hour sessions each day up to around 5-7 months. Puppies under 8 weeks old are not accepted. Up to 12 weeks puppies can be visited three times a day. We will feed, clean up any mess and encourage house training, plus checking water and playing lots of 'educational' games.

Once inoculated and adequately prepared, puppies will be walked for around 10 minutes per visit, progressing to walking the full 30 minutes by 5/6 months.

Walks consist of encouraging focus on me, rewarding toileting, teaching that when I stop, they stop, how to greet people and other dogs and rewarding loose lead walking. I also teach them not to rush out of open doors, although this will need to be reinforced by puppy's owners as well. This can save your dog's life!

Between 5 and 7 months, Puppy can move to a one hour session. Large or giant breeds may need a 45 minute session until they are 12 months. Most puppies benefit from being walked with other dogs, however, solo walks may be an option if you would prefer puppy to continue to be walked alone.

Advice on raising puppies comes from many sources - your pup's breeder should have given you plenty of information and be available to advise through pup's life. We can back up their service with advice on feeding, excercise, training and training classes, chewing, and may be able to help with other issues you may be experiencing with your pup.