Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dog Walking Article in Brentwood Gazette

In March the local paper sent a photographer to follow me for 20 minutes or so. I thought it was for an 'interesting jobs' type write up, as they'd had a milkman and neighbours who ran B&Bs but after the photographer had been I heard nothing else.

Since then I've been in the business section when I was entered for an award (okay, by me, I admit it!) talking about my rescue work, and in a free paper with an article about dog boarding, but nothing on the 'interesting' job.

Got a text from my mum this morning, they've put a photo on the business pages, along with a small article which was taken from a press release I sent out (also some time ago).

Perhaps they had a small space to fill this week? Nice to see it there anyway (wish they'd pop my telephone number in though!).