Saturday, 4 July 2009

I've Stopped Walking

So the dogs have too.

I like this shot, it's a very, very hot sunny day, but we'll all cool and chilled in the shade. I stopped walking to offer them some water, and good as gold, they all gathered round me and stopped too, just as I've taught them.


Offer water little and often as you walk, remembering to have some yourself too. Some of the dogs I can just squirt water and they'll lap the stream, but others haven't quite got that hang of that yet, so I still carry a fold up bowl. Lots of country parks have water available for the dogs, but unless there is a tap I can use to refill a bowl I avoid using shared water. Often it's full of other dogs saliva, and not only will some dogs refuse this, veterinary advice is shared water bowls can spread disease.