Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dog Walking - Choosing Compatible Groups

As more dogs come onto my service they get to enjoy the company of their own species. As a dog walker, it's a big responsibility to make sure I get the group dynamics right.

I have to very carefully match up the exercise requirements of each dog, decide what sort of stimulation and challenges they need and if I can meet those needs when they are together and make sure the dogs get on. This can lead to some very odd looking walking partners.

Who does this little pipsqueak think he is? I'll see him off!

Go on! Be off with you!

Oh oooh...

Help! Aunty Linda! Tell him!

When the dogs are having this much fun, size is irrelevant. The Great Dane is Scarlet, the Miniature Dachshund is Max. I think both look forward to their walks together as they are both really playful.

Linda provides a fantastic mix of love, discipline and training for our beloved dogs. We have noticed an improvement in their behaviour since she has been working with them, and can't recommend her highly enough if you are looking for a professional, caring and dedicated dog walker.
Lisa B, Great Danes,