Saturday, 23 May 2009

Brentwood Dog Walker's Van

No question it's mine, or who I am or what I do. I have seen people noting down my number from the posters in the window, hopefully this will attract people from further away! Fred really stands out from a distance. Looks a bit mad close up now he's blown up. Think he's larger than life on the van!

Signs going on - first fitter, nice chap.

Last minute touches - different fitter, mmmm.. lovely. The signs that is...

And the back, my name, what I do, and where to get hold of me. Ideal for people sitting behind me in traffic to memorise my very easy URL - I'm in Brentwood, and I'm a dog walker - - what could be simpler than?

Many thanks to Morgan Signs for their attention to detail, and for fitting, removing, resizing and refitting the signs on the front, at no extra cost. Highly recommended!