Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Days!

Although I have had to cancel some of my walks for safety reasons I am still doing my main walk at lunchtime. Not as many dogs as usual, but what dogs have come out with me have been having a great time!

Something smelly to follow? Fred, Phoebe & Dexter

Bingley always looks posh and composed. Yes he's wearing two coats. Only sensible to keep his tummy covered!
 Phoebe & Baxter, Dexter in the background (nose on ground again!)
 My Dad has assisted last two days - regular assistant Will is walking Bobbi on her own as he lives near to her. Must nag him to take some photos!

The park is so quiet at the moment, and so beautiful. We walked through lots of virgin snow, all the dogs are medium sized or smaller, so lots of bounding around through deep snow!