Saturday, 2 October 2010

Instant Triple Recall

I use Stay Close as a command to get dogs back to me quickly and stay close to me until they are released. This overlaps a bit with the ComeComeCome recall, but I use that more to get dawdling dogs back to the pack and they don't have to focus on me. Had I thought things through more I would not have done it like this, but Stay Close evolved from the close competition heelwork I taught Fred.

Stay Close is hazard avoidance - if there isn't time to get dogs back on leads, this works very well to get the dogs out of any potential trouble.

Fred has known this one for a long time, Scamp and Bobby are relative newbies, but are already VERY reliable. I couldn't record an actual hazard, as things are still too new for me to not focus 100% on the dogs, but we're getting there!

Just see how quickly the dogs turn to me and start coming back. Video is only 8 seconds.

I can teach any dog to do this.