Friday, 10 September 2010

Dog of the Month - August

Slightly delayed as usual, here's Barney, August's Dog of the Month!

Barney stayed with me a few times over the summer, and really mucked in well with all the dogs. There was some competition over tennis balls and toys so we stopped taking them with us after a few days. In their absence, Barney sat in the dog pond waiting for me to throw something, and when I didn't, he dived to the bottom and rescued a few sunken toys!

The main reason he won the award is his quick learning! One of my own dogs is a bit of a bicycle chaser, so when on a long weekend walk at first sight of a bike we all gather round for a small treat so Scamp doesn't chase. After an hour of this, Barney was running straight to me without me saying anything at all as soon as he spotted a bike. I was very impressed - I've been doing this since June and Scamp still hasn't quite got it...

Here's some of my fav pics of Barney. He's also been walking with me a year, so got his Walkies award at the same time.