Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ultimate Recall Training

Tired of your dog running off?
Does your dog chase joggers or bicycles?
Fed up with running after other people as your dog is enjoying playing with their dog and won't come back?
Is your dog a tease? Coming back to you, but won't stay still or come close enough to have the lead put back on?

I can help, as I specialise in recall training.

As a dog walker, with over 80 dogs cared for in the last two years, I have to train all the dogs to come back when I call them in the same way they respond to their owners, to enable me to walk them safely. As a trainer, I have taught my own dogs, plus those of family and friends, all the foster dogs I care for, and even dogs belonging to other dog trainers who could not get their dogs to come back when called.

How it Works

Recall training starts with a consultation session and assessment of around an hour, in your own home. To be able to give the best advice for you and your dog I need to ask some questions about your dog’s background, their behaviour in general and any previous training. If there is more than one family dog a longer session of around 90 minutes may be required, even if only one dog appears to have a problem. This will be followed by a short assessment of your dog's current recall.

There may be some practical steps you can start taking straight away, before the first training session, which will prepare your dog to learn.

I will design the practical training sessions specifically for your dog, using the information I have gathered in the consultation. Each session lasts 30 or 60 minutes (or longer if you prefer), and you may have as many, or as few, practical training sessions as you require to get the result you want, at a time and frequency that suits you. Training usually takes place in the area you walk your dog, unless your dog would benefit from choosing another location to aid training.

There is no magic number of how many sessions you will need, as this depends on how long your dog has not been coming back, your dog's breed, what is causing your dog to run off, and how much time you can dedicate to practising on your own between sessions. You will see an improvement very quickly, your 'Ultimate' recall may need more time – it is your choice whether to have ongoing sessions with me, or whether to train on your own using the training methods I have designed for your dog. I advise at least one session with me to demonstrate the techniques.

Your only job will be to call your dog – mine will be to ensure your dog responds to your call.

Training is done using a mix of pleasure and penalties – not punishment or pain!


60 minute assessment and consultation - £35
(90 minute assessment and consultation if needed - £45)

30 minute practical training session- £16
60 minute practical training session- £25

Distances are measured from Brentwood High Street, Essex.

First 0-5 miles – free
Each mile over 5 - 50p per mile each way