Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dog of the Month - April

In late April I went to an 'Ultimate Recall' four day training course. When booking, I asked the trainer what dog I should bring, and he told me to bring 'the worst dog you can find'.

The worst dog I could find was no longer walking with me (as he wouldn't come back on walks, and pulled too hard to walk on lead and my offer of recall training wasn't taken up), so I asked Inky's mum if he could come - as a Beagle I thought the challenge of his breed instincts would give me something to think about!

At the end of the four days, we were all padlocked (yes, really!) to a tree - with the key on the dog's collar.

Despite being in a field at the back of a pub, with pub visitors and their dogs coming and going, with a motorhome rally going on, chickens, evidence of rabbits, and dogs in the next field who were running up and down the hedge barking, Inky rescued me! So to thank him for not wandering off after rabbits and leaving me starving in a field in Hampshire, he's won Dog of the Month for April.