Thursday, 31 December 2009

Canine First Aid Course - Spring 2010

This is a cross post from my Greyhound Walks forum, which is members only viewing, but all the info is here.

A couple of years ago we organised a Canine First Aid course with Animal Aiders and we've had a few requests to organise another.

Details of the course are attached to the bottom of the post (AUTHOR'S NOTE - I can't attach the info to the blog so please email Janet below for details). Those of us who did the original course found it very useful, especially the bandaging practice

As you can see the course lasts for 3 hours and costs £30 per person. We would need a minimum of 12 people attending to go ahead.

The dates I've been offered are:
Sat 20th March
Sun 9th May (reserve date)

I'd propose we go for an afternoon session, from say 1pm. Venue would be close to Braintree as that's quite central for all. At the last course we were able to take the dogs along, although they can't be used for demonstration or practice.

If you're interested in taking up a place can you add your name to the thread please and we'll see if we get enough responses to make a booking.

Please feel free to cross post to other forums as this is a very worthwhile course which may be of interest to many other owners.

If you'd like any more information either PM me or email me

Animal Aiders were the peple I did my course with in Autumn 08 and it's a really good course to go on. I'll be doing a refresh with them 2011, as I think I should be able to remember the info for a few years.