Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Wormeries

I am trying an experiment, I've bought two wormeries.

The idea is that my worms will be eating dog poop. It appears to be perfectly possible to feed the little critters with poo, as long as I don't feed them anything else (except newspaper), and don't use the vermicompost anywhere near children or vegetables.

Last night the little wrigglers spent a lot of time attempting to escape, so possibly this time next week I'll have none left, but I am assured they will settle down in a few days. I can't start feeding them for two weeks, and it will take some time for them to be able to eat all the poop, especially as it's coming up to winter.

I bought two as I do have a lot of dogs around the home! One probably wouldn't be enough for just my two, but with the decomposter as well, eventually I hope never to have to put poo in a bin again.

I will post updates, before I took the plunge I tried to find real people who were already doing this and posting their experiences online without much luck.