Saturday, 31 October 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Well, not quite Christmas, but as a busy dog walker with a good reputation I am fast getting booked up. Scarlet, Henry and Benson are doing their best to be Good Dogs so that Santa will come.

Parties, Christmas shopping, school functions, present wrapping, sometimes the dog has to take second place to your human family. Don't let the dog feel blue, left home alone, I can bring him into my home for some love and attention, playtimes and long leisurely walks - whatever the weather!

If you prefer I can collect your dog from your home. My walks are well-known for ensuring dogs only want to sleep when they get home, so you can get on with other things without feeling pressured by your dog.

If you have to be out late, I can visit to break up the time. After dark walks will be in well-lit areas and may have to be on-lead, but I know plenty of games to play on-lead too, so your dog won't notice they haven't had their normal run. Dogs will be provided with a reflective jacket.

I am an experienced dog walker, licenced, fully insured, vet & police checked to take dogs into my home to care for them. They live with my family in the home, not kennels, outhouses or summer houses, and are treated as one of the family. They get lots of walks, physical activity and plenty of playtimes and cuddles.

Please check my website for further information -

Some of my previous boards can be found here - - I think the photos speak for themselves! All photos are genuine dogs who have shared my home, not stock shots of dogs I've never met.

There are no exclusions for breed, age, size, sex or health issues. As long as your dog can live with adults and teenagers, and get along with other dogs they are welcome in my home and on my walks.

Walks are generally in groups, although realistically evenings and/or late afternoons your dog is likely to have me all to him/herself. Groups are small - no more than four, and the size of your dog is not an issue. Groups are decided by the needs of the dog for exercise, companionship, discipline (ie they have to behave themselves!) and matched to dogs with similar needs - no matter what their breed!

Prices are good - I can walk your dog for an hour for £10, or I can bring him into my home for an afternoon (from 3-8pm) for the same price! This also includes an hour walk, the evening meal (owner must provide) or a snack. A real bargain!

Overnight stays from £20.

December weekends are nearly all booked up for boarding- only one left! New Year's Eve is fully booked for boarding, but I do have space Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day - please enquire for prices.

Walks and Home visits are still available all through December.