Friday, 10 April 2009

Rabbits are For Life, Not just For Easter

I'm sure that Dog's Trust won't mind me stealing their slogan. Rabbits are still considered okay to sell in pet shops that wouldn't touch dogs or cats (no animals should be in a pet shop where they can be an impulse purchase), and at this time of year rabbits are very much on people's minds!

Rabbits are gorgeous, fluffy creatures, but they are also smelly and stinky! Well, so would you be if you had to spend your life cooped up in a hutch that's much too small with hardly any time out of it and no cuddles.

Rabbits benefit from being in the house with people, or having a (neutered) spouse and plenty of free running time, either in a large run or in a very secure and supervised garden - don't leave them loose even if they can't get out, because foxes can get in. They are most active at dawn and dusk, which are the times most humans want to be a) asleep or b) watching telly, and are not the pet to have if you don't have time for a dog! They need as much love and friendship, cuddles as a cat or a dog and are damn miserable without it. If you already have a rabbit, why not train it?

Otherwise, stick to this guy... (which is my plan)