Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Day in the Life of a Travel Kennel

I've been very busy lately, lots of lovely dogs to walk, and I know some of the other dog walkers are a bit surprised that I can be walking dogs from 8am until 5pm. So here we go - one day in the life of a travel kennel.

My 8am (ish) breakfast walk, way out. Bobbi, Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Breakfast walk, way back, Inky, Beagle, and Bobby, Maltese. Also on the morning walk are my three dogs, Scamp, Beauty and Fred.
After I drop the breakfast dogs off I take mine home and feed them, usually around 10am. Then it's time to go and see Jess, gorgeous Border Collie Puppy, she has two visits a day, time all to herself. Here she is in the kennel having some brunch.
Straight onto my lunchtime walk - here's Charlie, Portugeuse Water Dog, on the way out - he's still under 6 months so 3 times a week he has puppy visits like Jess, but it's good to get pups out with sensible adult dogs as well.

And Baxter, Beagle, with Bingley, Whippet, on the way home.
Also on the lunchtime walk on this particular day were Moses, Dexter, and Dilly, who didn't travel in this kennel but deserve a mention! When I have 6 at lunchtime I take my glamorous assistant Will with me (so far he has avoided the camera) to help out (I never walk more than 6 at a time).

After all the lunchtime dogs have gone home to sleep the afternoon away, I visit Jess again, before collecting Max for a walk on his own around half past two.
After Max enjoyed his walk I picked up Bobby again,
to join Pebbles and Honey, Spaniels, for a 4pm walk. My dogs came along for the walk as well, but we don't need any more pictures of my dogs!

After Pebbles and Honey I went home and collapsed! 4 walks and two puppy sits, a total of 13 dogs, 5 of them twice (does that count as 18?).

Other days I'll have less dogs on the walks, but anything between 2 and 5 puppy visits to do. Some days I even have cats to feed too!