Friday, 12 June 2009

Tongue of the Month

With this hot weather I am seeing a lot of dog tongues. For those who may not know, this is aircon for dogs - wet tongue, hang out in preferred style, and pant. Try to get in a snog if possible. Dog walkers love doggy snogs.

So it is important that they can drink frequently when out for a walk in the sun, or if they have to travel in the van when its warm. They need to replenish their saliva to help keep themselves cool. Their other preferred option - paddling in muddy ponds and puddles - is not always looked on with delight by humans. Dogs see mud as their back-up aircon, but humans see it as a terrible mess on the floor/trousers/shoulders depending on the size of the dog.

Keep plenty of water around the house and in the car if travelling - I'd recommend more than one bowl in case they spill it or dig a hole in it (terrier owners will know what I mean!). Some dogs will not drink once the water goes below a certain level, so having two means they won't go without.

Now, back to the tongues, in reverse order!

Enzo - 6 month lab, a young rising star in the tongue stakes, hampered by being walked through the woods before the sun has really warmed up. Not really a contender for the TotM title at this stage.

Peanut, cute, but not really what the Judges are looking for. Also, he's sleeping on the job.

Conrad - getting to the main contenders here, nice loll * to catch a cooling breeze, but not really all the way there...

Scarlet - doing well, just look at all those bubbles! This is A Serious Cooling Tongue

Sadly though, she was beaten to the title by Benson. Who won simply because this was terrifying! I half expected to stick to the end and disappear forever.

Well done to Benson, our Tongue of the Month Champion!

And here's a quick shot of Fred, as this is a very devilish 'I'm looking forward to eating that stuffed toy' tongue.

* NOt 'LOL - Laugh Out Loud', but 'hang loosely' for those who were born post 1994.