Saturday, 15 November 2008

Car Crates

Finally I've got a new large crate for the van. I've removed Beauty's XX large crate so that I can get Fred's in, and I think if I jiggled them around a bit more I'd get Fred's smaller crate in as well, so three dogs can travel in safety. Most doggy travel won't be huge distances, but I will have to try to take on customers in batches of three - one small, one medium, one large.

I have begun yearning for a tardis. I'd like a bigger van inside, so I can have some proper crates built in, with enough space that Fred and Beauty's can be solely for them, with no paying passengers 'borrowing' their spaces. Be nice to have a hand washing area, and a couple of seats up front. But I don't want to lose that 'park anywhere, go anywhere' feeling I get with my current van. Luckily I don't have a few grand hanging around burning a hole in my pocket, so will have some time to think about it!