Friday, 5 September 2008

Dog Walker to-be

Ok, so I've decided to try this 'dog walking' thing. So far I've not actually started yet, although I've dog sat a couple of dogs. Illegally apparently.

I'm going through this properly, setting it up as a business rather than just going out and walking dogs, so it's taking some time before I feel ready to look for customers. As I'll be a sole trader I can't risk losing my house so I'm working on the terms and conditions, among other things, first. Might be going crazy, but my business advisor thinks I'm not.

To board dogs in the house I need to be licensed, and there is no difference between a boarding kennels and one dog at a time in the home, so dog sitting is out. However, I have been told of a loophole - residential training, no licence needed. Excellent. I am now a residential trainer.

There are a few courses I want to do to help, one for training, and one for the pet care, I've got to get my car kitted out with some proper guards and I need to do all sorts of other things. My CRB check has arrived, so that's one thing out of the way! All the other stuff I think is just so I don't have to go out there and actually do any work just yet...